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To: East Sussex County Council

Make Cross-in-Hand Junction safer

Make Cross-in-Hand Junction safer

Urgently improve safety measures at junction of the A267 and B2102 at Cross In Hand.

Why is this important?

I write with serious concern for local people who have for many years had to negotiate the junction of the A267 and B2102 at Cross In Hand. I can remember all the changes to the junction which have been made over the years to try and solve the problem of accidents occurring when traffic is trying to exit from the Lewes Road, vehicles turning right or left onto it from the A267 as well as vehicles traveling past the junction. Let us not forget either, pedestrians trying to cross the A267 to get to the bus stop or indeed the garage. I am also aware of people who regularly cycle this route and have many near misses where drivers have lost patience with trying to get out of this junction and egressing from the Esso Garage too. Other near misses are when the bus tries to pull out of the layby and when vehicles are exiting the garage and have nearly had collisions even if the bus is not in the layby because visibility from this junction is not good as the bend is sharp enough that even at 40MPH vehicles coming from the right, must brake hard on many occasions to avoid an accident.

I dare to say that in my opinion, as a proficient driver, the changes that have been made have not worked and although this has been looked into for many years, enough is enough, especially after the death of the pedestrian on Tuesday 22nd March. Something needs to be done urgently before other families are bereaved. This has hit the whole community badly many people are upset. Clearly, something could be done to help prevent this. How many more lives must be lost before action is taken? Even one life lost is too many!

This is an important campaign to help save the lives of drivers and pedestrians who use this major trunk road.

Cross in Hand, UK

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