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To: Network Rail

Change the Helpston Network Rail crossing closure proposals.

Change the Helpston Network Rail crossing closure proposals.

Halt the current level crossing closure proposals suggested by Network Rail for Helpston, Lolham, Maxey, Helpston Footpath, Woodcroft.

We want Network Rail to go back to the drawing board to consider other, less destructive plans of action.

Why is this important?

We accept that the crossing must close BUT, we suspect that Network Rail's proposal is simply the easiest/cheapest/quickest solution to the level crossing closure. This is not acceptable.

The flyover/bridge will most probably be an enormous concrete construction. Network Rail have told us that it will take 3 years to build - it won't be small. It will be a terrible eye-sore for the whole village.

The crossing will increase the amount of traffic through our village enormously - it could be 50% or more. The impact of this traffic will destroy the tranquil nature of our village. The increased traffic will add risk to pedestrians and we are particularly concerned about school children travelling to and from JCPS and Arthur Mellows. With so much traffic snarling up our village, it will become a far less desirable place to live and this could affect our house prices.

The construction of the flyover will take 3 years, which will mean the edge of the village will be a noisy dirty building site for 3 years. Once completed, there will be a significant increase in traffic and pollution levels will rise which will threaten local wildlife. Our village will no longer be the tranquil, picturesque village famously captured by John Clare’s poetry.

Helpston has the right to petition Network Rail and demand less destructive plans. Please do not be complacent - your village will never be the same again once these current proposals are adopted. Please help us to find another solution.


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Reasons for signing

  • The 100% increase in traffic flows in Helpston will have significant safety and environmental impacts. Other alternatives need to be considered in detail.
  • Will ruin a lovely village and make it extremely busy and unsafe due to the extra traffic that will pass through. A very bad and ugly idea.
  • The decisions are being taken by people who have no idea of the area and the massive and detrimental impact the increased traffic flow will have on our villages


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