To: Hertfordshire County Council

Children's Safety

The Parents, children and the schools would like the journey between Parkgate Juniors and Parkgate Infants, on Bushey Mill Lane, made safer by:

Putting in a speed limit at school times
Having the school sign posted (making it easier for the drivers to be aware that there are children and family's crossing the road)
Providing a lollypop person

Why is this important?

Everyday there are reports of cars jumping the lights. Our children's safety is very important and there have been incidents where children have nearly lost their lives. This campaign wants to prevent this happening, so please take a few minutes out and sign this petition and share it around.

We need 1000 signatures for County Council and I need everybody's help.

Already, in the short amount of time I have been dealing with this, Highways did find a fault on the timing of the lights and this has been adjusted. So, if we all pull together, we can achieve the goals and make it a safer crossing for the children.

Bushey Mill Lane, Watford, United Kingdom

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