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To: British Government

Class 'Britain First' as a terrorist organisation.

Class 'Britain First' as a terrorist organisation.

Ban Britain First from operating in British politics and class the organisation as a terrorist group.

Why is this important?

Britain First are a xenophobic, homophobic, and especially islamophobic far-right militant group who disguise themselves under the mask of 'patriotism'. The group is centred by former English Defence League and British National Party members Jayda Fransen and Paul Golding.

Britain First should be classed as a terrorist group, due to their hate campaigns and fear campaigns against minority members of British society such as Muslims, and other religious minorities. The group regularly harass and provoke citizens of areas with a high concentration of minorities, and terrorise workers and administrators of 'satantic' and 'terrorist' locations such as halal butchers, and local mosques.

Britain First also want to provoke a race war and a complete cultural divide, arguing that Britain is a 'Christian' country (despite having no religious constitution), and that any aspects of minority religions are not acceptable in British Society. Below is a few attachments of Britain Firsts operations, along with their propaganda machine that is the Britain First facebook page.

Help fight fascism and rascism.



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