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To: Online Shopping

Close all non essential online stores/warehouses

Close all non essential online stores/warehouses

Close down all non essential, life sustaining online shopping to protect the thousands of workers risking their lives in warehouses and delivery jobs delivering items that people can live without!

Why is this important?

Boris Johnson has issued new legislation to bars, cafés, clubs, cinemas, theatres and music venues and all entertainment businesses, non essential shops and schools that they close in view of the COVID-19 emergency. However shopping online remains open. People are online shopping in their thousands without a thought in the world to those workers that are having to fulfil their orders. Warehouse workers and delivery drivers are at serious risk of contracting the virus. These warehouses are extremely busy, they are bringing in extra agency staff, social distancing is completely impossible, PEOPLES LIVES ARE BEING PUT IN JEOPARDY! Next and River Island have already done the right thing and put their people before profits. It is time for the rest to follow their example. Essential food and medical suppliers must keep going, they are key workers and we are grateful for their input to keeping our country going. But people can live without new furniture, clothes and other non essential household goods for the good of the workers health.



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