closure of government nurseries

stop the closure of nurseries

Why is this important?

'The government is committed to improving accessibility to high-quality childcare (Nick Clegg/, May 2013)

Across Britain nurseries provided by contracted service providers located on HMRC sites are closing down or have been closed down.

This does not marry well with the spirit of the governments/Nick Clegg's focus on accessible childcare for working families.

What sort of message does the closure of these nurseries send to private companies in Britain about the attitude they should take on such matters.

Workers at these sites may have to reduce their hours to adjust to the changes in childcare. Part time workers may have to stop work all together due to their reduced hours resulting from them travelling to and from the new location of their childcare.

How is this promoting the interests of parents and their children's work life balance?

How is this protecting the children attending these services?

A link to an article about the latest proposed closures:

north east england


Reasons for signing

  • More attacks on working women.
  • It's much better to have your child in a nursery near where you work, so you are separated for the least amount of time possible. I had to take my daughter to a nursery half an hour from my work. That was an extra hour she had to be apart from me. I thought work place nurseries were created to avoid this.
  • Because this is a false economy and we must stand up for each other in the face of these cruel cuts!!