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To: Yvette Cooper

Combat local suicides now

Combat local suicides now

The dramatic rise in young people of Castleford taking their own lives due to mental health issues as really effected our community. We are reaching out to you Yvette cooper our local member of parliament.

We are asking you to firstly publicly acknowledge that there is a problem, and that the current system to combat this is not working. secondly we are asking you to make this a personal priority for you to fix and update the people in your constituency regularly on what you are doing to change this.

Why is this important?

Our local leaders need to know that this can not keep happening and that more needs to be done. They will only act on things if enough of us feel the same way.

So please if your sick of waking up to the news of young local people tragically killing themselves get this signed. Its a matter of time before this issue effects you personally if it already hasn't.

Castleford, UK

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