To: Members of the Coalition

Combat Youth Unemployment

Combat Youth Unemployment

Dear Members of the Coalition,

We believe more needs to be done to tackle youth unemployment.

Please build on the existing Youth Contract by accepting these proposals:

- Offering guaranteed part-time jobs to those who have been unemployed for over 12 months.

- Investing more in youth services and face-to-face careers advice.

- Getting more employers involved in schools so young people get the experience needed to enter the workplace.

Why is this important?

With nearly one million young people unemployed in the UK today we believe the government could be doing much more to get us back into work. The Coalition recently set out its proposal to tackle the issue via the Youth Contract but we dont think it goes nearly far enough.

Long-term youth unemployment has risen by 247% in the last year. We are living with the consequences and they are devastating. Stress, low self-confidence and even depression are just some of the tragic effects of youth unemployment. Our fear is that our generation is becoming a lost one.

For too long this issue hasn't been properly addressed. We want the government to formally agree that they will do more by implementing our proposals.

We have already spoken with Ed Miliband, David Miliband, Stella Creasy and Damian Collins about our campaign and are actively planning to get more appointments with key members of the Coalition. The more signatures we can get here, the more weight will be added to our cause so please support us.

Thank you from approximately 1 million of us!

Find out more about the Campaign to Combat Youth Unemployment at

How it will be delivered

We intend to deliver these signatures in person to Downing Street.


Reasons for signing

  • Although I agree that young people need help getting their foot into work, I only get paid £10 a week more for working part-time than I would if I didn't work at all. This doesn't even cover travel.
  • to help my 2 sons