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To: The Prime Minister, David Cameron.

Conservative welfare minister Lord Freud should be sacked immediately

This campaign has ended.

Conservative welfare minister Lord Freud should be sacked immediately

Lord Freud should be sacked immediately as the Minister for Welfare Reform for his views that disabled people are not worthy of a minimum wage.

Why is this important?

It is quite incredible that with such a high rate of unemployment amongst disabled people that a government Minster thinks that some are so undeserving to a point that they are not even worth a minimum wage. Worse still, he seems to think that a wage of two pounds an hour is acceptable. Disabled people worthy of work are at least worthy of minimum wage regardless of what their disability is.
Disabled people are not a burden on society and should not be treated as such. This sort of attitude takes us straight back to the dark days of Dickensian poverty and no apology should be acceptable. He should resign or be sacked.



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I fear this is a sort of mission creep. Good news, we can pay them £2 an hour. Next up, all disabled people should be considered for below minimum wages.

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