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To: Matthew Hancock MP - Minister of State for Business & Energy

Stop blocking New Renewable Energy Co-ops

Stop blocking New Renewable Energy Co-ops

Allow the creation of Renewable Energy Co-op's with the Financial Conduct Authority.

Why is this important?

Since the Spring 2014 a significant number of new Co-operative Societies (previously often known as members co-ops) have been refused registration. This is because the FCA has unilaterally decided that renewable energy co-ops in England, Wales and Scotland are not legitimate co-operatives as they do not directly trade with their members.

In fact there is no requirement in the 7 principles of the International Co-operative Alliance ( on co-operatives to trade with their members and in the UK the very tight and highly complex regulatory requirements of the energy supply industry effectively prevents co-ops selling electricity directly to its members.

Renewable energy co-ops do fall within the definition of a Co-operative and the FCA have no justification in making this decision. The FCA should register any co-operative that complies with the international principles of co-operation and not impose additional constraints, such as requiring Co-operative Societies to trade directly with their members.


Reasons for signing

  • We need a near-zero CO2 plan now, not in twenty years, mine is self-funding.
  • The removal of incentives for local energy Co-ops and Community Benefit Societies such as Social Investment Tax Relief has put a strangle hold on local people investing in a local supply for low carbon energy. Its time government gave at least some incentives back for local green energy generation!
  • We need to fully invest in renewable energy - not just in the UK, but globally.


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