To: Stockton Borough Council

Cycle Routes on A66, A19, A689

Stop Cyclists being killed in the Teesside Area

Why is this important?

I have spoken to stockton borough council today about their cycle path policy, there are plans in place and I am waiting for a copy of them to be emailed to me, they have £750 K in the pot and that will mostly be spent on eaglescliffe, stockton and some other places.

Wynyard & Billingham don't seem to have anything assigned to them as they are waiting on a decision as to whether the hospital goes ahead and the building of the school and approximately 1200 houses, shops etc. If and obviously it's a BIG IF, this all this goes ahead, the builders or whoever is responsible will have to fork out for the cycle paths and new road infrastructures.

WELL that's all very well I said, BUT what if it doesn't ? 2 people have been killed on their bikes in just over a year that is 2 people too many for my liking, 2 families devasted. What are WE going to do about it ????

We need to do something now and get something sorted just incase, we need to work together as a little town to sort this out.... Yes he said you are right !! Think my school mistress persona took over a little bit. oh and by the way, my mistake about their policy not being updated since 2006 it was 2011......... 3 years ago.

The council seems to be using the pot of money they have to build cycle paths in the most unnecessary places. I disagree with them expecting others to do their job, what cost do we put on peoples lives ?


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Reasons for signing

  • Since the prohibition of cycling on a stretch of the A19, there is NO direct alternative route for cyclists.
  • cyclists need to be protected properly
  • Roads are increasing busy and dangerous.We need cycle paths for safety and to encourage cycling as well as to help the environment by getting less people to use cars and start cycling.


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