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To: Surrey Highways

Cycle tracks in Farnham

Cycle tracks in Farnham

The roads in Farnham have been narrowed for Covid-19 but people have no alternative to using car so they either sit in traffic jams or stay away from the shops. When Covid crisis is over and the roads are back to normal, people will still have no alternative to the car. Cyclists use less road space, produce no pollution & reduce our daily carbon output but many people are fearful of cycling in Farnham centre due to cars. Segregated cycle lanes would allow adults and children the choice of cycling into the town centre without going on the road. They could also be used by scooters and mobility vehicles of elderly or disabled people.

The temporary Covid pavement changes in Farnham should have provided segregated cycle paths, but this didn't happen.

Even if you don't want to cycle, getting more people onto bikes will reduce the number of cars on the road and make your journeys easier. So car drivers should be asking for cycle tracks too!

Please sign this petition if you want Surrey Highways to introduce temporary cycle paths NOW and make them PERMANENT when the Covid social distancing rules are removed. Please don't worry about the route, the professional road planners can work this out. In this first phase we are calling for cycle paths in the centre of town and, as cycle usage increases, we expect these to be extended out into the suburbs such as South Farnham or Hale etc.. Ebikes 'make hills disappear' and prices start from £430 so, again, don't worry about the hills of Farnham limiting people's willingness to cycle. Urban cycles lanes are appearing all over the world, except in Farnham. So we need to change this!

Why is this important?

Farnham has worse air pollution than 97% of British towns, plus serious road and car park congestion threatening the viability of Farnham's shops. Worse still, air pollution now kills more people than smoking.
Getting people out of cars and onto bikes can help with all of these problems.

Farnham, UK

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Reasons for signing

  • I moved here 15 years ago, missed London. However I never missed traffic. I now go back to where I grew up and see cycle lanes whilst here I see London traffic. What happened to leafy Surrey. Coming like fumey Surrey and now can't blame Chelsea Tractors - no cycle lanes in place. 🤷🏼‍♀️ if new comers had choice they would choose cycles but with the focus on comp on chelsea tractors and sitting in vehicles for excessive times what would you choose? Sort if out councillors.
  • I want to be able to cycle to and from the town centre safely. I live in Folly Hill and while there is a path that runs along most of Folly Hill, once you get to the Castle there is nothing for cyclists. It would be very dangerous to join the road for the final bend into Castle Street and you can't cycle or push your bike down/up Bishop's Steps.
  • I'm a cyclist and don't feel safe riding through the town with too much traffic and HGV'S especially.


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Many thanks to everyone who has signed so far. We have now reached 300 signatures in just half a week. Please continue to ask people to sign as we need more in a town of 35,000 people. #noturningback

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