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To: David Cameron

David Cameron, call a referendum on further austerity

We call on David Cameron to put a bill to parliament to have a referendum on continued austerity.

Only 37% of the voters voted for Conservatives, which was 24% of registered voters or even less if you add in those people unregistered. This is no mandate to continue austerity that has seen the weakest people bare the largest burden, with evictions, deaths and suicides rising amongst the the sick, disabled and working poor.

If you, David Cameron, believe in austerity, it must be given a mandate to continue. You cannot assume one on the basis of 24% support of registered voters.

Why is this important?

Many of the working poor, sick and disabled are on a knife-edge as to whether they lose their homes, can continue working, end up in hospital, breakdown, die or commit suicide.

The DWP have been fighting the figures for deaths of those found 'fit to work'. The media typically don't report the plight of the working poor or those needing benefits (in or out of work).

Councils are given more and more responsibility so that their spending power looks good when they cry out about cuts. The government cuts-back the funding before handing over responsibility. Councils then have to hurt their residents.

The people must be given a choice. If Greeks can do it, so can the Brits.



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