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To: All councils in Bedfordshire

Declare the County of Bedfordshire a fracking free zone

Declare the County of Bedfordshire a fracking free zone

Dear Council Leaders We the people who live & work within the county ask that should you receive any application for fracking ,that you will oppose it ,in the interest of the health & well being of the people of Bedfordshire & for the environment that we cherish & wish to keep as it is ,both for this generation & generations to come.

Why is this important?

All residents quality of life & the environment in which they live is the bedrock of every local community & the potential consequences of fracking will erode that,should any applications be considered ,so we want the County of Bedfordshire to be a FRACKING FREE ZONE & we expect OUR voice to be listened to on such an important issue .

Bedfordshire, United Kingdom

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Reasons for signing

  • Fracking has been a disaster in the United States for everyone but fossil fuel providers and their shareholders, none of which live in homes impacted by this disastrous practice. The worst is yet to come from an environmental perspective. Let's not make the same mistake here!
  • evrywhere should be a frack free zone


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