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Defend the Newcastle 14! No to Political Policing

We the undersigned call for:
*No charges be brought to the Newcastle 14
*A transparent, democratic and accountable enquiry into the exact nature and extent of collusion between specific members of 'Newcastle Unites' and Northumbria Police, leading to the arrest of 14 anti-fascists.

At approximately 12:40 on Saturday 25 May 2013, 14 anti-fascists were arrested outside the Haymarket metro station in Newcastle as they were about to join the Newcastle Unites march against the English Defence League (EDL). The youngest of those arrested was just 15. There is substantial evidence that members of Newcastle Unites played a part in the arrests. All those arrested had their homes raided while they were in custody, and police have seized mobile phones, computers, cameras, notebooks and political literature.

The Newcastle 14 (N14) Defence Campaign has been set up with three aims:

• to defend the 14 anti-fascists (Newcastle 14) who were arrested on 25 May 2013;
• to defend anti-fascist activity from further state repression;
• to defend democracy and freedom of speech within the left

Why is this important?

A full campaign statement is now online. The Newcastle 14 Defence Campaign will be fighting the threat of charges publicly and politically, alongside the legal defence that has already begun. The campaign is collecting witness statements and video and photographs of the events surrounding the arrests, and will challenge the whitewashing of the arrests in the capitalist press. The campaign will also be out on the streets raising awareness and organising public meetings in the coming weeks, as part of the grassroots work that is needed to rebuild an anti-fascist movement in Newcastle. We invite you to join us.

Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom

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Reasons for signing

  • I signed because I was a victim of racism in Newcastle.
  • I was at the anti-EDL rally and on the day people were handing out leaflets and talking to passerby on the street as usual but then for seemingly no reason whatsoever they were arrested. They had their mobiles, computers and cameras taken - and they have still not been returned. And for what? Standing up for the rights of others. On the other hand the EDL which are an openly fascist regime are allowed to demonstrate publicly - how is this fair?
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