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To: Sports Direct

Demand that Sports Direct retract their anti Welsh language policy

Demand that Sports Direct retract their anti Welsh language policy

I annog Sports Direct i hybu'r defnydd o'r Gymraeg yn eu siopau a swyddfeydd yng Nghymru
To promote the use of Welsh in their stores and offices in Wales

Why is this important?

Mae gwahaniaethu yn erbyn a dibrisio'r gymuned Gymraeg, eu hiaith a'u diwylliant yn ysgogi casineb hiliol a tresmasu ar hawliau'r Cymry i siarad eu hiaith eu hunain.

Discriminating against and devaluing the Welsh community, language and culture is incitement to racial hatred and an infringement of the rights of Welsh people to speak their own language.


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Reasons for signing

  • Do I really need to explain why, as a Welshman, I am signing a petition for the rescinding of this offensive, and probably illegal, ruling?
  • Utterly incredible that leaders in any organisation could have so little respect for their staff. If you value them, you'll let them speak their chosen language.
  • Newidiwch eich enw i 'Chwaraeon Uniongyrchol' yr un pryd. Thanks


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