To: Government

Diabetic Fairness

Make Libre blood testing equipment for insulin dependent diabetics available on prescription for type 1 and type 2 diabetics.

Why is this important?

I am a type 2 diabetic just been put on insulin very scary, after 4 days of blood testing sticking my fingers with needles 3 times more than I used to before insulin my fingers are very painful I am also on blood thinners which in turn makes it very difficult to stem the flow of the blood, I am now thinking this is for the rest of my life I need help this is barbaric and medieval this day and age sticking needles in your fingers any thing up to 8 times a day it is torture.
So I searched the internet looking for some help and the only thing I could find was the LIBRE blood testing system where you do not have to stick needles into your fingers, as I read up on this system it explained how you put a censor in the top of your arm every 14 days and you can read your blood sugars via your mobile phone or the small electronic unit they supply.
To my amazement as I read on that they do supply this system on NHS prescriptions I thought great what a savior, then I read on further they only give it to type 1 diabetics why I ask the illness is the same the treatment is the same there is no difference only the medical reason each individual was given as to why they are diabetic our treatment is exactly the same, we both inject and test our bloods up to 8 times a day, so please could you make this system available to type 2 diabetics on insulin.