To: Government = current law

Discrimination against talented Children

Dear Minister
Provide child benefit for the group of children across the Country that are affected by this loophole, children who are only 16 in full time education eg college, sixth form, living away from home to study, but doing an advance course due to their ability & dedication their parents are not able to claim for child benefit if the course is too advanced. We need to nurture talent and ability not discriminate against it.

The current law needs to change for parents of these children myself included as they only 16 are too young for financial assistance via student loan, maintenance grant so therefore fall into the category of getting nothing and no assistance whatsoever.

Please support this cause

Why is this important?

We are encouraged after the Olympics to nurture and encourage talent but we are blatantly discriminating against children who have ability to study at a higher level diploma at a younger age.

My sixteen year old gained a place at a London College to fulfil her dream of studying musical theatre. Child Benefit would really have helped us to pay for her fares, college needs and as a vulnerable sixteen year old to come home at weekends, but this was taken from us as the course is a level 6 diploma and although she is 16 and in full time education the current legislation says she needs to do a lesser course to qualify!!!! so although she auditioned with over a thousand children across the country, was offered one of only 6 bursery's for her college costs. she is being discriminated against. It is simply not fare.

Please help my cause. The £80 a month is not a huge amont of money but when we are left to fund her living cost, travel, lunches, equipment it would really help us. She has wanted to pursue this since the age of 5 and achieved so much. There are several people across the Country who are in the same position. Let us help our children develop and grow at the level they are capable of without discrimination