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To: Strongbow, Carling and Tennent's


Ditch plastic rings on beer and cider cans

Why is this important?

Plastic rings from beer and cider cans are littered everywhere - from our parks to our rivers and beaches. They can harm or even kill birds and fish, and together add up to thousands of tonnes of plastic waste.

There’s a simple solution: get the biggest beer and cider companies to ditch the plastic rings. There are alternatives ready and waiting - Carlsberg just announced they’ll use recyclable glue instead.

Together we can convince other beer and cider companies to do the same. If thousands of customers tell them to do their bit to reduce the plastic litter and ditch plastic rings, they’ll have to listen. It won’t solve the plastic crisis overnight, but it’s a small step that could make a massive difference. If you want plastic litter to be a thing of the past, sign the petition now.

Reasons for signing

  • For Wildlife
  • All this senseless use of dangerous to wildlife plastic has to stop
  • To save our wildlife


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