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To: Mayor Joanne Anderson and Liverpool City council

Do not close and relocate Bank View High School

We call on Mayor Joanne Anderson and Liverpool City council to listen to the voices of the students of Bank View High school along with their parents/carers and reject these short-sighted proposals and plans to close and relocate this essential and much valued ASD school.

Why is this important?

Bank View School is an exceptional special school that opened in September 2015. It was purpose-built for children and young people with complex learning difficulties including autism and provides an excellent educational and learning environment that provides an all-inclusive and bespoke approach that enriches the educational outcomes and quality day-to-day life experiences of all of the children and young people that attend the school.

Liverpool City Council is now planning to close this school and move it to another location 14 miles away. The council does not have a good track record in it’s approach to supporting many children with SEND and confidence among parents is very low due to historic negative experiences in their efforts to obtain the appropriate education and learning support for their child. This was highlighted in a damming Ofsted report in 2019.

We believe the decision to close and relocate Bank View school will have a devastating impact upon many of these autistic children including the overwhelming disruption and confusion towards their education and learning development. There will also be other negative outcomes including transportation issues creating long delays getting to and from school. Parents/carers and other family members will also be impacted by this decision as they try to adjust and deal with the unprecedented anxieties and negative consequences that will placed upon not only their child but the whole of the family.

Please sign this petition and support us in helping to retain this much valued special school within it's current essential location.

Thank you

Liverpool, UK

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