To: Shona Robison

Do not close Station 15 Ayr Hospital

Do not close Station 15 Ayr Hospital

To prevent Station 15 being closed in Ayr Hospital and moved to Crosshouse hospital

Why is this important?

Station 15 at Ayr Hospital is for Cancer patients. Closing this station and moving all the present and future patients to Crosshouse Hospital means patients & and patients' families from Maybole, Girvan and all surrounding villages south of Ayr have to travel a further 18 miles for cancer treatment.

Apart from additional stress for patients/families during a very difficult and emotional time in their lives, there is the additional expense of having to travel further.
For families using public transport to visit a patient, additional buses have to be used to travel from Ayr to Crosshouse.

During cancer treatment of Chemotheraphy to expect patients to travel a further 18 miles is inexcusable and makes a difficult journey even more harrowing and what is presently a long day even longer.

South Ayrshire

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Reasons for signing

  • It is important for patients with cancer and their relatives can receive care that does not require discomfort and cost of longer journey.
  • Family reasons
  • Family health matters


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