To: Secretary of State at The Home Office

Do not DEPORT Kamsan Sivakumar back to SRI LANKA

Do not DEPORT Kamsan Sivakumar back to SRI LANKA

Stop Kamsan Sivakumar's deportation and grant him asylum in th U.K

Why is this important?

In 2012, at age 18 I was trafficked by a group of smugglers from UK to France who were attempting to take me out of the UK. They gave me a false passport and told me to use it. The Police arrested me for using a false document. After I realised what the smugglers were trying to do, I spoke to the police and became a witness in an international case against trafficking. I testified against the smugglers in court. The Home Office and Kent police were very grateful for my evidence as it secured the imprisonment of five international people smugglers.

However, the Home Office is now trying to deport me as they claim that, because I used a false document and in consequence was sentenced to 12 months in prison and automatic deportation, that I am a danger to the public. I would like to take this opportunity to explain to the public that, far from being a danger, I am an active community member, I have a strong friendship and support network here, I volunteer at several local charities (including the British Red Cross, the Citizen’s Advice Bureaux) and I have testified against criminals in this country thus reducing a public threat.

If I am deported to Sri Lanka, I would again face torture from Sri Lankan authorities on my return. I now also face the second worry of being hunted down by those I testified against in Crown Court, as they are Sri Lankan nationals, and after serving their sentences here in the UK they will also be deported to Sri Lanka. PLEASE SIGN MY PETITION...

How it will be delivered

I will submit this petition with my wonderful solicitor at Immigration Court..

Final Full hearing will be heard on 1st of December at 10am at Taylor House IAC in London. First of all, warm thanks


Reasons for signing

  • He is a friend of friends of mine and this guy testified in court against international people smugglers.
  • I do not see how this man is a danger to anyone. Thank you.
  • Despite the traumatic experiences he's been through, Kamsan maintains a wonderful and positive attitude. He is a dynamic, energetic, and caring person and a real benefit to the community. He must be allowed to stay in the UK. Thanks.


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