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To: Hywel Williams MP

Don't forget Dunya

Don't forget Dunya

Dear Hwyel

Together with Kurdish students studying at Bangor University, we are asking the UK Government to raise the matter of so-called "honour killings" with the Kurdish Government. As our local Member of Parliament, we'd call upon you to raise this matter, and to ensure that the UK Government is not standing idly by.

Why is this important?

On Saturday 23rd May 2014, Dunya, a 15 year old child bride, was brutality murdered by her 45 years old polygamist husband in Iraqi Kurdistan - district Kalakji. Then the husband is reported to have mutilated her body. Police officials say they were unable to capture the murderer and that he fled the crime scene before the police arrived. The man is now on the run.

“Honour Killings” committed against women and young girls in the Region of Iraqi Kurdistan are taking place far too regularly. Although hundreds of women fall victims of “Honour Killings” every year, the authorities seems unable or unwilling to offer them any protection. According to official statistics in the last four months of 2014 alone, 14 women have been murdered. Protesters in Kurdistan are already asking how long it will be before we forget Dunya, and are protesting against the next killing.



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