To: Luke Hall MP and Health Minister Jeremy Hunt.

Don't let a tragedy like Helen's death in A&E happen again.

Don't let a tragedy like Helen's death in A&E happen again.

Make more funding available for extra beds and care in Mental Health Wards

Why is this important?

In July 2014 my daughter Helen, who had a history of severe mental illness, was detained in A&E in Bristol for 22 hours. Helen had self-harmed and suffered a head injury. Scared, frightened and hallucinating she suffered an Acute Cardiac Arrest and died two days later of oxygen deprivation to her brain.

The Clinical Emergency Consultant gave up on the Mental Health Team after 20 hours,increasingly worried for Helen,and called a private hospital in London herself. The Mental Health Team Manager told her that there was not a single bed in England available for Helen.The private hospital in London was full.

An Inquest found no known cause for the cardiac arrest. There is no doubt that stress was a major factor. This tragic event should not be allowed to happen in a modern democracy.The Mental Health Trust concerned has not been able to offer me any assurance this situation will not happen again and admit there is a bed shortage.

I was not told Helen was in hospital,the nurse copied the telephone number Helen gave them incorrectly by one digit,and they called the wrong number twice.My beloved daughter died alone and without the face of a friend.

How it will be delivered

I will send it to my newly elected M.P. Luke Hall and Health Minister Jeremy Hunt.


Reasons for signing

  • Mental health services requires proper funding - Jeremy Hunt is an incompetent health minister who has no heart . No one should die in this way in the 12st century in the first world
  • My daughter was failed by the mental health services on numerous occasions. I have a letter sent by her to get psych team begging them to let her stay in hospital for more help. They discharged her and now she's dead too. 31 years old such a tragic waste of young lives. So so sad
  • Because I care and more awareness is needed


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