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To: Scottish Parliament

Education Every Child Everywhere

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Campaign created by
Primary 7 St. Eunan's Primary School
Education Every Child Everywhere

To ask that the UK government increase their support to international aid for education.

Why is this important?

As stated in article 28 of the UNCRC - every child has the right to a free primary education and wealthy countries should help poorer countries achieve this.

In our world today there are around 60 million primary aged children not in school. Goal 2 of the UN's millennium development goals looked at achieving universal primary education by 2015. This is not a reality for a variety of reasons such as war, poverty and gender inequalities.

The primary 7 children of St. Eunan's Primary School, Clydebank have established a campaign called 'Education: Every Child, Everywhere which demands wealthy governments around the world to help poorer countries ensure that every child, everywhere goes to school.


Reasons for signing

  • The ONU should raise a budget for that (maybe with some help from the IMF), putting it 2 work through ONGs, this not a UK issue (the eventual funds committed by the UK for this should come out of the international aid budget). war is an understandable reason of not reaching target, but should only affect limited regions; poverty is no excuse (ONGs should help), & gender inequalities should be overcome, schooling for girls & for boys from 5->14 everywhere.
  • Every Child needs an Education, Period!
  • I have been so inspired by the children of P7 who realise education is not merely a gift - it is a right. They have tirelessly campaigned with such conviction and compassion to address this injustice and are actively involved in addressing this issue to ensure positive change for children just like them. They are excellent role models for all children and a joy to see and hear. Well done !!!


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