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To: Edinburgh International Science Festival

End fossil fuel sponsorship of Edinburgh Science Festival!

Thank you so much for signing this petition, sharing it with friends and spreading the word - it really helped with building pressure and showing Edinburgh Science we want fossil fuels out of our festival!

The festival publicly said they dropped fossil fuel companies, including Exxon and Total, because of their role in funding the climate crisis. This is HUGE.

It is a huge win for the wider divestment and anti-fossil fuel sponsorship movement and will strengthen our sister campaigns across the world.

End fossil fuel sponsorship of Edinburgh Science Festival!

End fossil fuel sponsorship of the Edinburgh International Science Festival

Why is this important?

WE WON! Edinburgh Science has now publicly declared they will not take funding from any fossil fuel companies or lobby groups, commencing May 2019!

The science is clear – the activities of fossil fuel companies are incompatible with preventing catastrophic climate change.

Fossil fuel companies, including many past and present Edinburgh International Science Festival sponsors, such as Total and ExxonMobil have been aware of climate change for decades. Yet they have deliberately suppressed the science and continue to destroy the environment. It is dangerous and hypocritical that the Science Festival continues to provide a public platform for these companies.

Scotland strives to be a world leader when it comes to fighting climate change. Other festivals and cultural institutions, such as the Edinburgh International Festival, have already gone fossil free and are thriving. Edinburgh Science Festival should join this movement, supporting sustainable innovation for a fossil fuel free future for Edinburgh, Scotland and the world.

Get anti-science fossil fuel companies out of our science festival!


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Reasons for signing

  • Science tells us that fossil fuels are destroying the only planet we have to live on. It is utter madness for a science festival to be funded by planet destroyers.
  • Oh dear @EdingburghScienceFestival 😱 Picking #Exxon, one of the leading spreaders of #ClimateScienceDenial as a sponsor is really not a great look... Please sign and Share the petition. Kick out Exxon from the Science Festival. The hypocrisy is staggering!


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