To: UK media editors

End media support for climate change denial

End media support for climate change denial

UK media is prone to giving an unfair 'balance' to the climate change debate, yet the scientific consensus is as good as it can be in respect to causation and scale of the climate change global emergency . UK media editors must now take responsibility and move the debate on from questioning of the science examining taking action in accordance to the historic Paris Climate Agreement reached by almost 200 countries today.

Why is this important?

Today, almost 200 countries unanimously agreed, in Paris, to limit average global temperature rise to well below 2C since pre-industrial times. This agreement was reach on the basis of science presented by IPCC AR5 and agreed by every scientific national academy globally. The science has spoken. The international community has spoken. It is now highly irresponsible of any UK media outlet to continue with the promotion of views from known climate change deniers and progress from the scientific debate of causation of climate change and global temperature rise, in line with the International consensus, in order to examine and promote methods of how the historic agreement can be implemented to mitigate and adapt to the realities of climate change. In short I call upon all UK media editors to move on from the questions of causation to the questions of mitigation and adaption of climate change, and to marginalize those that are in the way of that discussion.



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