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To: The government

Every student deserves a Qualified Teacher!

Every student deserves a Qualified Teacher!

The government must not press ahead with plans to abolish Qualified Teacher Status (QTS), a globally recognised qualification, based on national standards, which universities currently provide for new teachers if they have passed their Postgraduate Certificate of Education (PGCE).

Why is this important?

What parent wants their child to be taught by an unqualified teacher? What teacher wants to have a dodgy qualification? It is vitally important that teachers are properly qualified and accredited; the new White Paper "Educational Excellence Everywhere" proposes that Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) should be abolished and replaced with an unspecified qualification. This will mean that teachers up and down the country will not have the same, equivalent qualification or be properly qualified. Universities are acknowledged by a great deal of research as being the best arbiters of whether a teacher should receive QTS, making judgements on new teachers based on national standards. The abolishing of these national standards -- which is proposed in the White Paper -- will mean that children will receive a worse education because they won't be taught by properly qualified teachers.



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