To: Edexcel (Pearson), AQA, OCR

Examination bodies should return exam papers.

Examination bodies should return exam papers.

Exam boards should return marked exam papers.

Why is this important?

Of course Exam boards do not want the headache of returning papers. They prefer that their word is the final word and if that means a child can't go to university, or that a student cannot take their chosen A-level subject, it is just bad luck. Examination boards have so much influence and power over young people's futures, they must be kept in check. Returning exam papers will be helpful to Students, parents and teachers.

Students learn from their mistakes. Exam results come out in the form of numbers on a page. No explanation, no guidance for future exams, returning marked papers will help students learn, which is the professed goal of examinations anyway. They will be especially helpful to those children retaking exams. A study conducted by the Qualifications and Cirriculum Authority showed that over 50% of students retook certain exam papers.

Teachers can adapt their teaching based on the mistakes of their students. Overall examiners remarks is not helpful to indiviual schools. Teachers can look for trends in mistakes made by their students and make sure future students do not do the same.

Parents can make sure the exams that they have paid hundreds of pounds for are being marked fairly and accurately. In 2014 over 45, 000 grades were changed due to remarking the number has only gone up since. Parents should not have to pay for accurate marking of their child's exam.
At the very least they can be proud of their childs achievement.

In a classroom it is unheard of for teachers to return only grades to their students. Why should public exams be any different.


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