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To: Labour Members and Labour NEC

Expel Michael Foster from the Labour Party

This campaign has ended.

After his article in the Daily Mail where Michael Foster refers to Jeremy Corbyn supporters and Momentum members as "Nazi Stormtroopers", Michael Foster has insulted and defamed thousands of fellow Labour Party members.

Why is this important?

The Labour Party NEC has already stated that it will expel any member who uses insults or threats to other members during the course of the Leadership election. This article in the Daily Mail is incredibly insulting and distressing by comparing those who support Jeremy Corbyn as Nazi Stormtroopers.

Read the article here:

Updated as per petition by Nick Robinson on

"We welcome, with faint praise, a statement from the Labour Party NEC that they will be investigating Michael Foster's irresponsible and highly offensive comments printed in an interview with the Mail on Sunday, last weekend.
We say this, because an immediate suspension, pending further investigation would be the correct and consistent course of action taken in these circumstances.
We question whether Mr Foster's financial relationship with the Labour Party have spared his course of action.
The recent Chakrabarti report was very clear: 'no Nazi analogies' are to be used by Labour Party members.
We implore the NEC to take further, decisive action and immediately suspend Michael Foster, for the sake of justice and integrity."

Reasons for signing

  • Am 72, attended Jeremy Corbyn's rally in Leeds; some 4,000 people gathered. I saw absolutely nothing of what this man claims. This contest was brought about by the refusal of some members of the PLP to accept the democratically elected leader, and so mounted a campaign to smear the reputation of a man whose principals have remained steadfast through decades of politics blighted by self-serving MPs whose behaviour has brought about political apathy in this country,.
  • This man has smeared and belittled Jeremy supporters, propagated lies proven to be lies and is the epitome of what is wrong with LP . He should be expelled for doing what he is accusing us of doing
  • He is insulting and abusive. NEC has stated they will expel such people. Please keep your word NEC.


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