To: Jeremy Hunt

Expose cover up of Hormone Pregnancy Tests

Expose cover up of Hormone Pregnancy Tests

Dear Minister, I would like you to have an debate in the Main Chamber of the House of Commons to discuss the incontravertible evidence that the Committee on Safety of Medicines was negligent in protecting the health of our unborn babies. We need to ensure that this can NEVER happen again.

Why is this important?

We have uncovered evidence that there were also concerns about the contraceptive pill and it's safety. These concerns were also suppressed. The Pill is still in use today.



Reasons for signing

  • Primodos maimed & killed my son!
  • My friends baby died from kidney failure. She is convinced it was directly attributed to this drug
  • I was given this hormone pregnancy test in 1973 when I was expecting Louise. All Louises medical records have been distroyed as have mine. No record of her even being born. Louise has many problems both physically and mentally we believe have been caused by this drug that should have been withdrawn because of indications shown when tested on animals. Please sin this so we can get justice for Louise and others who have suffered damage by PRIMODOS. thanks so much


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