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To: First Bus West of England Managing Director Paul Matthews

Fare Deal for Bath Families

Campaign created by
Melanie Delargy

UPDATE: 16/06/14 Congratulations! First announced cuts to bus fares in Bath for families, children and young people.

These changes are definitely a step in the right direction. We could have hoped for more, but the campaign’s main job is done. My next move is to send the petition to Paul Matthews as a reminder of our views. In the meantime it’s important that we all keep an eye on fares, especially in January when rises are usually implemented.

I see the final job for the campaign is ensuring that bus prices never rise out of control again.

Fare Deal for Bath Families

Dear Paul Matthews

Please could you cut the cost of bus travel for families with kids in Bath.

Why is this important?

Last school holidays I took my two children on the number 14 bus to Victoria Park playground. The return fare for one adult and two children from Bear Flat was £10. That's £10 to travel about one and half miles to a local park.

If a child needs to take the bus to school it costs a fortune. A weekly pass is £15.50. If two children take the bus it costs the family £31 a week. That works out at roughly £1,200 a year for two kids in term time alone.

These prices are just not affordable.

You responded to consumer pressure in Bristol and reduced the cost of bus travel. We are asking you to act fairly in Bath because right now most families are priced off your buses.


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We've reached 50 signatures! Thank you, everyone. Please email the petition to friends or make use of Facebook and Twitter. It would be great to reach 100 by the end of today.

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