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To: The Secretary of State for health and social care Sajid Javid

Fighting POTS discrimination from the medical profession.

Fighting POTS discrimination from the medical profession.

Doctors need to look into POTS without patients being sent to a mental health professional for anxiety and depression. The denial of POTS within the medical profession is staggering. Doctors need more training on POTS and to become familiar with recognising the signs,

More Cardiologists need training in POTS diagnosis and overall the aim is to stop doctors from assuming anxiety is the cause of everything.

Why is this important?

I have, I believe, suffered with POTS since I was 16/17 years old. The symptoms I developed at 16/17 years old have got worse over the years.
I was told repeatedly it was all anxiety related. I was even wrongly diagnosed with BPD, mainly because I always argued my case around my physical health problems which were denied. I was repeatedly admitted to hospital and not listened to.

Finally I was diagnosed with POTS in November 2021, before this symptoms such as breathlessness on walking from one room to another and passing out when standing up were put down as anxiety.

I have heard repeated stories from around the world of people suffering endlessly because sufferers of POTS are not taken seriously! This needs to stop NOW.



2022-04-26 00:22:34 +0100

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