To: Brighton & Hove City Council

Find Appropriate Housing for Bobby Carver

Find Appropriate Housing for Bobby Carver

Provide appropriate housing for Bobby Carver who needs wheelchair access to avoid daily pain.

Why is this important?

Robert Carver urgently needs your assistance. He is a paraplegic with no use or feeling in either of his legs alongside numerous debilitating conditions including, fibromyalgia and colitis. Despite his severely debilitated condition, Brighton & Hove City Council are refusing to provide him with appropriate housing, causing him daily pain.

For the past two years, Bobby has been unable to walk or use his legs. Through complete negligence on the part of Brighton and Hove Council, he is still housed in a second floor, temporary-accommodation flat, with a steep and narrow staircase, which is totally unsuitable for his needs. His social worker and many council professionals have witnessed, first-hand, that he has to lower himself down these stairs using only his arms, causing him to fall regularly.

Bobby’s flat is also tiny, cramped and none of the doorways are suitable for wheelchairs. Because of this, he has to pull himself around on the floor, dragging his legs behind him, causing his body yet more damage every day.

I am hoping to pressure Brighton and Hove City Council into providing the housing that Bobby should be getting already without a fight.

For more information on Bobby’s fight please read the following article and watch the ITV piece below:


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