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To: Maldon district council

First the pool at the prom now the Fun fair of 101 years is being ripped away by district council!

First the pool at the prom now the Fun fair of 101 years is being ripped away by district council!

I want the council to allow the funfair to stay at the maldon promenade park and play the fun fair music and allow them however many rides they feel would make it a decent fair.

Picture provided by ellis whitehouse at maldon and burnham standard . Many thanks.

Why is this important?

This fun fair has been travelling to maldon promenade park EVERY YEAR for 101 years this year!!! Thats a lot of years right?? The community has always loved the funfair and alot of people go to the prom purely to visit the funfair. The owners of the funfair marshall nicholls and penny nicholls and their son william nicholls have always done this fair for the people and it become their livelihood many many years ago. This fair has been run by 5 generations of the family and their tradition still lives on!! This is what they do and the public love it! They have a good variety of rides some for the older children and some for the smaller ones,they play music of different era's which the customers love as it takes them back to the good old days while their kids are on the rides, there is a massive family feel and quite frankly the community IS their family! They draw attention to the park and bring custom to other businesses within the park! The whole atmosphere is amazing... BUT .... in 101 years they get a complaint a few weeks ago saying how the music being played at the fair and its too loud and causing noise pollution :( now the want rid of them?! This is outrageous and we need to stand up to them! Out of all the years that the fair have been bringing a lovely service to our community ONE person complains and they want rid of them? they have been told NO MUSIC ! REDUCED SIZE OF FAIR! AND THEY HAVE BEEN SHOVED ON THE FAR BACK FEILD WHERE NO CUSTOMERS GO?? Soon the promenade park will be nothing but a glum and boring place to be as their will be nothing for the people to do and the children wont want to go there. The music that is played by the fair cannot be heard by the prom gates at all angles so i do not understand how this complaint has been made? The prom have other events such as car shows and the mud races and outdoor cinema where they play loud music but they are allowed to stay . THIS IS NOT FAIR AND NEEDS TO BE STOPPED!!! PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION AND BRING THE COMMUNITY TO FIGHT TOGETHER FOR WHAT THEY KNOW AND LOVE!!! KEEP THE FAIR!!! KEEP THE FAIR KEEP THE FAIRR!!!!

The information in the petition is from maldon and burnham and from the owners of the maldon funfair

Maldon District

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