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To: Josh MacAlister (Independent review of children's social care)

Forgotten era's of forced child adoptions

Forgotten era's of forced child adoptions

Time and time again, the families affected by forced adoption from the 1980's, 90's and early 2000's stories are going unheard when we're a part of history which existed too.

Both the more older and recent/current stories are being heard but not the Adoption Act 1926 Cases when there is already, unfairly no jurisdiction for these Cases to be investigated post adoption. Our Cases/Judement's did not go online then and we had no real guidance to help us understand what was going on properly either. We were the Guinea pigs and are still suffering now.

With no where properly to go for support and advice like we see we have more nowadays through social media, and granted not much has improved; we want a serious investigation carried through on our Case's and a public apology like what happened in Australia, once the serious procedural errors are given the chance to get proved; which can only be by a more supportive change through legislation.

We want to be acknowledged and recognised as an important part of history too, when so far we have been excluded and discounted just like all the other mum's and dad's and their child/ren who some of us have learnt have grown up to suffer mh problems whereas others are no longer with us; which should never have been this way.

We are the aftermath of the 1980's, 1990's and early 2000's told we were not fit parent's yet had committed no crime and we deserve to be included and have our voices heard too.

Why is this important?

I encourage you to join us in our Campaign as so far our voices have clearly gone unheard while we witness the destruction forced adoption already caused all these years ago.

It could be your child next, a family member or friend's child and for a Children's Review to be wholly transparent and fair, all circumstances from all era's including the ones missed I'm concerned about, must be included to clarify the situation what's been happening fully to be able to establish which changes need making from a transparent, fully inclusive of the mentioned era's timeline with no gaps in between.

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Reasons for signing

  • I've signed because the Children's Review is unfair and inaccurate without including everyone who has suffered.
  • Because no child should have to go through thing like abuse and other physical and mental abuse I just hope that all children will realise that they belong to there family and not future or current adopters


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