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To: Wiltshire Council Planning Department - Ref:19/03435/FUL

Formal Objection to Calne 'Retirement Homes' Planning Application 19/03435/FUL

Formal Objection to Calne 'Retirement Homes' Planning Application 19/03435/FUL

A formal Planning Application has now been lodged with Wiltshire Council, proposing the Building of a 39 Apartment, Gated Community in CalneTown Centre. This Attractive Development is being proposed in entirely the wrong location.

This is in an area that the 'Neigbourhood Plan' (You voted on) and the Council's Town Centre Master Plan have already determined should be used for the Town's Cultural, Social & Community Development (Not for Housing Developments of any kind).

The land being considered for this Development is at the rear of 8-13 High Street and covers the area that has been assigned, by us all, as the location of the Town's Community Centre of Commerce & Entertainment.

Please look at the plan and consider this Planning Application very carefully and then make your comments on the Wiltshire Council Planning and Please Sign this Petition. This Proposed Development will affect the further development of Calne Town for years to come.

Calne is a town that is expanding rapidly at its outskirts (where it was agreed Housing Developments should be restricted to) and already has inadequate local resources & services to meet the increasing population and its various demands.

The Planning Application can be seen on the Wiltshire Council Website (Planning), using the Planning Reference below and you can Post your Objections and Comments on the Plan via the link provided here:…/Planni…/PLComments.aspx…

Planning application 19/03435/FUL

Why is this important?

This Planning Application (Planning application 19/03435/FUL) contradicts the word and the principles of the Calne 'Neighbourhood Plan' and the Town's 'Master Plan'. Churchill's informal 'Consultation' completely ignores the wishes expressed by local people in the 'Neighbourhood Plan'.

It is an attractive development that is entirely in the wrong location, affecting the Town's future Development for years to come, limiting the proper Commercial, Social, Community and Cultural development of the Town Centre.

The small adjustments to the plan, made by the Developers, go no way towards improving the benefits to the majority of local people and inhibit the future development of the Commercial and Community Heart of the Town forever.

We need to individually 'formally object' to the plan and additionally raise a Petition. We know the broad opinion and the needs of the majority of people of the town; as expressed to via the Calne 'Neighbourhood Plan' prior to this development first being proposed. Objected have already been raised to Calne Town & Wiltshire Councilors.

Calne is a Growing Town with more than adequate Housing Development being undertaken in the areas decided and allocated in the Calne Neighbourhood Plan.

The Location of this proposed 'Specialised Housing Development' is essential for the development of Town Center Services and Resources of the future. I and others ask that the development be rejected in its entirety in the current location.

Calne SN11 0SQ

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2019-05-31 10:11:27 +0100

We have just 5 more days to get friends and neighbours to sign this petition. We need to protect our Town Centre for its future Commercial, Cultural, Community and Social Development.

2019-05-10 12:04:44 +0100

100 signatures reached

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50 signatures reached

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