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To: Department for Education and Nicky Morgan - Education Secretary

Free Post 16 Transport to School

Free Post 16 Transport to School

Requesting the government to make it statutory for County Councils to provide free Post 16 transport to schools, bringing this in line with the Education and Skills Act 2008, where young people are now required, since June 2013, to stay in education or training for a further year after the compulsory school leaving age. From June 2015, this requirement will be extended until their 18th birthday.

Why is this important?

Free school transport for ALL students up until statutory school leaving age, is important to ensure equality for all, no matter where they live. The removal of free transport to Post 16 year olds effectively means that families living in rural areas are being penalised. Government Policy dictates that we now have to send our children to School/ Education until 17 and 18 years old from 2015, but there is no legislation put on to Local Government to provide this for free.
Effectively, rural families with post 16 year old children now have to pay to send their children to school, this is wrong when those who live within walking distance don't have to pay a penny.
Rural living families include those from farming communities and those on limited financial means who don't necessarily meet the criteria for benefits, yet will still be forced to pay.
This is morally wrong and needs to be addressed from the highest possible level.
Help us fight this and get all under 18 year old education totally free.

How it will be delivered

If enough support, I will personally deliver the signatures to Downing Street and hold a press conference.


Reasons for signing

  • We have to claim for a vacant seat now on the school bus for my son to get into school for Post 16. This is £580 a year. Being in a rural area, the public transport is appalling which means he can't catch it until after his first lesson begins at school so he needs the school bus! Considering that education is mandatory until children are 18 now, the government needs to address these issues.
  • Bus fares for 6th formers in our rural area have just gone up to £890. There are almost no public transport alternatives and no cycle lanes or footpaths between the villages so for many there is no option but to pay.
  • I am looking at £30 a day taxi and then £10 a day bus fare for my daughter to attend local college as we live in a remote area and I work full time!


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