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To: Kent County Council

Freedom Pass for ages 16 - 19

Freedom Pass for ages 16 - 19

As the school leaving age is being extended to 18, please can the Bus Freedom Pass also be extended to cover from 16 to 18 (19 would better) so that parents do not have to pay through the nose to get their child to school?

Why is this important?

All everyone

Although it is great news to a certain degree that the Kent County Council have abolished the cap on the Freedom Pass, what this means that all the campaigning that we did before with extending it to the 16-18 year olds, this has now also been squashed.

We need to get signing once again to push the council to extend the £200 a year to the older pupils.

There is a full council meeting next week so we need to get voting to bring this in so that this can be discussed.

Obviously there are a few ways that this can be done, one will be to sign up on facebook as before via your friends. Another is to Tweet Kent County Council @Kent_cc and email David Brazier, the cabinet member for Transport & Environment in the council, at [email protected] - asking the council to extend the £200 a year Freedom Pass to 16-18 year olds. When stating that you wish it to be extended please put your reasons for this so that David doesn't just think we are copy and pasting the same wording, lets make this more personal to our own circumstances.

Here is a sample Tweet you could use:
Great that @Kent_cc will keep #FreedomPass for 11-16 yrs. At next council meeting please extent £200/year bus pass to 16+ #students too!
Thank you again for all your support, lets try and get this our way for a change. We have made the KCC listen twice now so lets make it a third and lets get it right.

All the best


Kent, United Kingdom

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