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Blood Donation Equality - Gay men can't give blood

Blood Donation Equality - Gay men can't give blood

Instead of blanket 3 month ban for men who have sex with men restrictions should only apply to people who have engaged in risky sexual behaviour. The questionnaire that would-be-donors have to answer should be made more detailed to accurately figure out whether or not would-be donors would be a risk - regardless of who they have sex with.

Why is this important?

Rules insisting that gay men are only allowed to donate blood if they haven't had sex with another man in the past 12 months are discriminatory, and don't make sense given the often reported need for blood donations.

Thank you for taking the time to come onto my petition.

My name is Luke Cameron and I am the writer of The Good Deed Diary.

Throughout this year I vowed to try and help a somebody every day and write about my experiences. Along the way I have learnt an awful lot; mainly not to stand back and expect others to tackle injustice.

As a proud gay man there are many issues across both the UK and the world that affect me. But there is one so absurd that I had to do something about it.

After launching a kickstarter for a project called Cards for Kindness, a deck of 3 good deed cards, there was one card that I considered removing.
Donate Blood

I wrote a blog post about the fact that gay men are simply not allowed to in the UK.

The NHS states that if a man has had a sexual relationship with another man in the past 3 months he is advised not to give blood. Yet the same does NOT apply to a heterosexual man.

You can be a gay man in a 20 year monogamous relationship and be unable to donate but he a straight man who has had 20 sexual partners in the last week can donate blood tomorrow.

I understand that there are regulations in place for blood donation but this blatant antiquated discrimination on sexual preference is not right.

If you feel as strongly as I do, please do sign the petition, share it out on social media and see if we can rally change.

We have done such an amazing job in fighting for equal rights and equality for LGBT people in the UK and this is just another milestone we need to reach.

Fight for equality. Sign the petition!


Reasons for signing

  • It’s discrimination and should have no place in today’s society
  • Such antiquated discrimination belongs in the dark ages, not in an enlightened society of today.
  • Equality, fairness, and blood shortages.


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