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To: The government and local authority

Give blue badges to children with autism

Give blue badges to children with autism

To change the guidelines and recognise children with autism have a mobile disability. What with the no sense of danger, dislike of loud noises and the major meltdowns. It can be extremely dangerous for these children.

Why is this important?

So that children with autism can have their needs met.

Reasons for signing

  • Because blue badges are given to autistic children in Wales and this should be the same for all of UK, only an autism parent will understand having to get a child back to a car while there having a melt down
  • Having worked with these children, a Blue Badge would certainly help the parents of such children, to live a normal type life.
  • My nephew has Autism which means, amongst other things, he has no spacial awareness, no sense of danger and no comprehension of why he should stand still some days. It's outrageous that my sister is having to now fight to keep her son safe.


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