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To: Next Plc

Give Next plc staff Boxing Day off

To give all staff who work at Next Boxing Day off to spend time with their families

Why is this important?

Clothing giant Next currently opens it's stores on Boxing Day to launch it's winter sale. This means that staff who have been working long and busy hours in the build up to Christmas have very little time to spend with family and friends.

The Next sale begins at 6am on Boxing Day which means staff shifts can start from as early as 5am!

Budget retailer, Home Bargains have just announced that all their stores will remain closed on Boxing Day and all staff will be paid. If Home Bargains can do it, why can't Next.

Allowing hard working members of staff to spend time with loved ones over Christmas is so much more important than making profits.


Reasons for signing

  • Dear Next plc. Just so you know... I won't be shopping at Next on Boxing Day, I'll be with my family.
  • It’s not fair
  • I have no need to shop on December 26th. Your staff deserve one day more of rest before dealing with the inevitable sales demands.


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