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To: Greater Manchester Police Commissioner Tony Lloyd

Justice for Raven Morrello!

Urgently review the case of Raven Morrello and the heavy handed methods used by officers during his arrest

Why is this important?

Raven Morrello, a 19 year old Deliveroo worker from Manchester, was cycling past mounted police as he delivered food. Allegedly, one of the police horses was 'spooked' by his pushbike. Video footage shows Mr Morrello being pinned to the ground and manhandled by the officers in question, as he screams in pain. It also shows witnesses at the scene both disturbed and bemused as to why Mr Morrello had been stopped at all. We fail to understand how a cyclist travelling at normal speed, going about their daily work could not only be arrested, but also subjected to such humiliation and abuse at the hands of people who are meant to protect us. We call on the Greater Manchester Police Commissioner Tony Lloyd to urgently review this case, and the conduct of the officers involved.


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