To: The world

Green Tax

Pay Green Tax on everything by law globally.

Why is this important?

If everything had a global Green Tax, this would be worked into any purchase tax like VAT, or replace it. It might just be possible to maybe not save the world, but help it as much as we can, with every purchase we make, on everything. We all want to pay less, and will go for the cheaper equal quality product. So the more unenviromentally friendly the product, the higher the green tax.
So transportation cost would be taken into account, so the less mileage from manufacturer to user the lower the tax.
So local produce pays less, than imported. Shipped less tax than flown.
How it will be disposed of after use, so bio degradable less then recyclable, less than landfill, less than toxic waste, less than nuclear waste.
How long the waste will be a problem for, so the processing of the waste is taken into account, so less for biodegradable if you compost, then if it's in a green bin, that takes fuel to the council compost maker.
A product is the sum of its components, so local components, less tax. As the method of transport and the distance of the components is worked into its green tax, along with how long the waste will be a problem for.
So how recyclable a product is will be important, as will how biodegradable it is, as its waste is around for less time.
So our role can change from Consumer to Caretaker and live symbiotically not parasitically as we do today.