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In February, the Lords obliged and voted to restore protections for domestic workers. But the Commons reversed it – and, sadly, last week the Government’s feeble alternative amendment prevailed and overseas domestic workers remain at risk of abuse.


Bring back vital protections for overseas domestic workers:
Reverse the Visa rules that are licensing the modern slavery of such workers.

Why is this important?

Centuries after the slave trade was abolished in the UK, the scandal of modern slavery continues.

Many migrant workers are forced into labour, with their abusers profiting from the exploitation. The Modern Slavery Bill contains ongoing gaps in protection for these workers.

Before 2012, Visas for overseas domestic workers allowed people to change their employer once in the UK – enabling them to escape situations of abuse. This Visa was described in Parliament as “the single most important issue in preventing the forced labour and trafficking of such workers”.

However, new Visa arrangements introduced in 2012 have now tied domestic workers to abusive employers. Unsurprisingly, exploitation has increased – precisely as the government was warned it would.

Kalayaan, a small charity working for the rights of migrant domestic workers in the UK, shows that the number of such workers reporting physical abuse has doubled since 2012. These statistics are shocking but not surprising. Tied Visas are well-known in regimes with shameful records on human rights – and women’s rights in particular.

The House of Lords has voted in favour of a change to the Modern Slavery Bill that would again allow vulnerable domestic workers to escape abusive employers.

The Bill could now return to the House of Commons as soon as this week. We must ensure that MPs support this crucial change, so that it becomes law.

Sign our petition urging MPs to back the Lords' amendment – and take a huge step towards ending modern slavery in the UK.

Reasons for signing

  • Every small step is important.
  • This is Europe ,U.K. Not Africa or Asia we're better done they are ,the founders of slavery whom continue to do so here must be stopped
  • Unfortunately slavery is alive and well in the UK and rest of the world. We must do everything to safeguard and protect those vulnerable to human trafficking,domestic enslavement and those adults and children forced into sex trade. Action should be taken in the criminal and civil systems to eradicate these abusive behaviours. Everyone has the right to feel safe and happy free from torture and enslavement.


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