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To: British Government

Help To Abolish Bedroom Tax

Help To Abolish Bedroom Tax

We need to make the Government see how much damage the Bedroom Tax continues to wreak accross the economy as well as how insulting it is to families with children of the same gender. This Bedroom Tax must be abolished.

Why is this important?

We are expected to pay the Spare Room Subsidy (Bedroom Tax) if we have a spare bedroom in the property that we rent. This means that people renting social housing, who often have the lowest incomes, are expected to live in a property which has only one bedroom per occupant, with children of the same birth sex being forced to share a bedroom until they are 16 years old.

I am a transsexual man. I pay bedroom tax so my two daughters can have separate bedrooms and personal space as they go through the awkward teenage years. It is a huge insult to me that I am given equal human rights as a transsexual but that I have to pay a tax because of my children's sex.

We initially had to move out of a three bedroom property when the tax was introduced, which caused us great distress and placed me into debt. The smaller property that we moved into suffered rising damp and we lost many possessions and furniture due to the poor quality of this cheap housing. Once some of my debt was paid, I changed the way our income was spent and we were able to move to a much better property but are paying bedroom tax again and I am in financial debt again.

If this petition gains enough signatures, I risk loosing my privacy as a trans man. However, as my children get older, as they move out and start their adult lives- I still have to pay the bedroom tax, which means that I'll have to move house yet again. I find myself in debt every time this happens. It stops me from having any security with housing. If I have a job in one place and have to move again because I can't afford the bedroom tax, I can potentially loose my job.

Any consistency I could create with a solid, long-term address is destroyed. I have been unable to maintain strong social connections because of changing address and since I have to focus my low income on our basic needs, I cannot support local business as much as I'd like to. Every time I move I need to refurnish our home, meaning that our situation never upgrades. It's a fight for some people to maintain basic needs at all.

Moving home can force children into attending a different school. With children of different ages, as the eldest moves out, the younger siblings may have to move house so the family can avoid bedroom tax, which could damage their education.

My children deserve a good solid foundation in life so they can have a great start as young adults, and adults like myself have the right to a secure lifestyle.

Please sign this petition, the end of Bedroom Tax can only be beneficial to all of us. Window Tax was repealed in Britain in 1851. To this day we see old properties with bricked up windows, as a result of residents avoiding tax. It is a cruelty to force us into moving home to avoid this current Bedroom Tax.

Please sign this petition and make the British Government see what a mistake they are making by continuing to enforce the Spare Room Subsidy.

United Kingdom

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Reasons for signing

  • I have been trying to down size for 18 months now by a swap and bidding on the sites and nothing! I have submitted 3 forms for a swap but the other party have been declined, this has left me paying £72 A month out of my benefits as I had £18 a week spare... they do nit take into consideration emergencies, birthdays or Christmas so I have had to get loans to cover these, i am still waiting for my move and will struggle to pay for removals also.
  • I'm subject to paying bedroom tax, because of this it will take me a lot longer to save up removal costs etc to downsize
  • I've been struggling to pay the Bedroom Tax since 2013. Rather than be evicted & become homeless I chose not to pay my Council Tax & risk imprisonment instead. Tameside Council via Marstons Bailiffs 'threatened' me with ‘committal proceedings’ where I could be sent to prison for up to 90 days, BUT my housing benefit would still get paid. What would you choose? Homelessness or a short prison sentence & return home later. The lesser of two evils. Love, Light & Laughter Steve Starlord


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