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To: All those who want a better future for themselves and their families

Help us create a community, living and working in an urban garden of Eden.

Help us create a community, living and working in an urban garden of Eden.

Would you please support our call for Camden to explore seriously the viability of the CSNF model by signing below?

Why is this important?

There are two plans for Camley St. The Camden Council plan is business as normal, displacing existing companies and moving in more digital business and expensive houses. The Community plan is to retain the existing business integrating them with new companies to create a unique urban development focused on sustainable food co-located with up to 1,000 genuinely affordable homes

How it will be delivered

This petition is part of our Community effort to inspire Camden Council to take our plan seriously. It includes working with world class professionals to develop formal planning policy, architectural and transport designs, legal structures and finance models. The petition will be used in our press releases and also handed in at the appropriate time.

Camley Street, London

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Reasons for signing

  • This should be part of a sustainable future and an example for other locations in the UK
  • Lived and brought up my family in the area. My grandchildren are now enjoying Camley Street. It is worth preserving as a genuine LOCAL amenity.
  • I live and work in the area


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