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To: Cllr Sophie McGeevor - Lewisham Cabinet Member for Environment and Transport

LTN / HNS - Hither Green West - Catford North Cell

LTN / HNS - Hither Green West - Catford North Cell

Prioritise and implement a Low Traffic Neighbourhood (LTN) on the West Side of Hither Green / "Catford North" cell as per Healthy Neighbourhood Scheme (HNS) as soon as possible.

We would expect this LTN to include measures on residential streets including Hither Green Lane to ensure a successful delivery of a LTN / HNS type scheme and ensure no residents in our community get left behind.

Why is this important?

We cannot continue to accept that our community suffers from heavy traffic, associated pollution any longer and need change.

The west side of Hither Green / Catford North cell area could be a pleasant place to live and work but it continues to be blighted by:
• Heavy traffic / congestion with associated pollution
• Use as a cut through / rat-run between Lewisham High Street and the South Circular (and vice versa)

Having seen other schemes and potential associated benefits - we would also like an LTN / HNS to:
• increase physical activity through more walking and cycling
• provide safer streets for our residents and particularly our children
• significantly reduce non-residential traffic through our community
• deliver improved air quality
• benefit our local businesses
• support LB Lewishams environmental objectives

Please sign this petition to help make our community a Low Traffic Neighbourhood and to become a safer, more pedestrian / cycling / family friendly place to live, work and shop.

Note: Specifically as part of the LTN measures need to be brought forward for HG Lane, Torridon, Springbank and Springrice etc as traffic is extremely bad and would request remediation efforts immediately to reduce the impact on our neighbourhood.

Note: there is no age restriction on who can sign this petition, so your children can sign also

Hither Green Ln, London, UK

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Reasons for signing

  • The LTN is Lee Green has been absolutely transformative. Rat-running has been much reduced even before the cameras have come in and Staplehurst shops are booming and full of life. This is a clear success story and should be extended to benefit others. There is a powerful anti-healthy neighbourhoods lobby, but Lewisham Council are showing real leadership in Lee Green and the councillors should be commended.
  • Traffic is being forced to use HITHER GHREEN LANE, which is already a busy road. I’ve lived on HGL for 21 years; we noticed the change in traffic volume very early on in the trial, and this is still not the “normal” level of traffic as many people are still off. I’ve been trying to walk as much as possible for health reasons and I can feel the heat and taste the pollution coming of the queuing cars where they previously never queued. What about our safer space? What about our social distancing?
  • The implementation of the Healthy Neighbourhood scheme on the Lee side of Hither Green has caused exponential amounts of traffic to now route down my residential street (Springbank Road). I walk often on the Lee side and the scheme has made the streets much more pleasant and I would like to see a similar scheme on the West side with a prioritisation on the streets that have been negatively impacted by the Lee scheme.


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