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To: Rishi Sunak and UK Government

Hold Fujitsu to account for Post Office scandal

- Do not give new contracts to Fujitsu
- Where possible, scrap existing Fujitsu contracts
- Use your power to force Fujitsu to pay compensation to victims

Why is this important?

The firm at the heart of the Post Office scandal continues to be handed numerous government contracts paid for by millions of taxpayers money despite its role in the Post Office Horizon Scandal. It’s even been named a “key strategic supplier”.

No one at Fujitsu has been held accountable, even after it was confirmed the accounting errors were caused by the computer system. In fact, Fujitsu has continued to win government jobs worth millions, as recently as last month, despite calls for the firm to be frozen out of any new contracts. They were even awarded a £36 million contract extension to keep running their Horizon Post Office contract until 2025.

Enough is enough, MP’s from all sides are now saying Fujitsu should not be handed any more Government contracts after the Horizon Scandal. Let’s show the public agrees.



2024-01-19 19:17:56 +0000

Fujitsu: We WILL meet subpostmasters.

Commitment made after Fujitsu chief confirms he has NEVER met ANY subpostmasters!

2024-01-19 16:21:15 +0000

BREAKING NEWS: Fujitsu: 'We have let society down' Europe CEO tells the Post Office Inquiry:

2024-01-18 21:49:39 +0000

Fujitsu manager brands innocent subpostmaster Lee Castleton a 'nasty chap' in horrifying email exchange disclosed at the #PostOfficeInquiry today:

2024-01-18 21:06:27 +0000

BREAKING NEWS: Fujitsu 'suspends bidding' for UK Government contracts.
Update and analysis:

2024-01-18 20:09:28 +0000

UK Government REJECT Paula Vennells CBE Petition.
Full update and analysis here:

2024-01-18 18:05:14 +0000

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Latest update as we hit 230,000+ signatures!
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2024-01-17 17:04:26 +0000

Let's turn a 'moral obligation' into some concrete compensation for subpostmasters:

2024-01-17 16:45:16 +0000

HEARTBREAKING story of a 13 YEAR OLD boy became a victim of the Post Office Scandal in today's Fujitsu petition update:
Now at 225,000+ signatures - over 30,000 more in the past 24 hours! Thank you for your continued support.

2024-01-16 18:33:03 +0000

Fujitsu - 'We Knew about Horizon Bugs BEFORE 2010':

2024-01-16 17:15:05 +0000

Fujtisu Europe boss Paul Patterson in front of the Select Committee at the Department for Business and Trade is EXPLOSIVE!

Listen in and analysis here:

2024-01-16 16:35:37 +0000

200,000 signatures and rising... THANK YOU! And now #Fujitsu #CEO Takahito Tokita issues an apology! Full update here:

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2024-01-16 14:54:29 +0000

200,000 signatures reached

2024-01-15 20:03:42 +0000

REVELATIONS regarding remote access and how bugs were handled by Fujitsu:

Discussion and thoughts of some of the evidence from former Fujitsu employee Richard Coleman submitted to the Post Office Horizon IT Inquiry about the operation of the Horizon IT system.

2024-01-15 17:14:21 +0000

Fujtisu Horizon shortfalls were happening IN 1999!
SHOCKING Post Office Inquiry Evidence explained here:
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2024-01-14 12:51:59 +0000

Discussion and thoughts of some of the evidence from former Fujitsu employee Alvin Finch submitted to the Post Office Horizon IT Inquiry about the operation of the Horizon IT system: