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To: David Cameron MP Prime Minister

Hosting refugees from Syria in Britain

Dear Prime Minister, We welcome the Government's acceptance of Syrian refugees in Britain. But could we not take more? People in this country do care and there are thousands of British families who would give a temporary home to those in severe need. Please allow those of us here who are willing to host a refugee or family to do so.

Why is this important?

What is happening in Syria today, with several million of its population refugees, hundreds of thousand dead, injured and having suffered terribly, including torture, rape and chemical bombing, is in a country barely 4 hours flight from Britain.

People in Britain care and in the past have supported those in similar situations in much larger numbers - Jews, East African Asians, Vietnamese - yet barely a few hundred Syrians are being allowed to come to this country.

It is clear that the situation in the camps in Lebanon and Jordan is causing great suffering and enormous pressures upon those countries. Please allow British families to offer to host Syrians, at least on temporary visas until the conflict is settled.


Reasons for signing

  • If we all offered just a little help, what a huge difference we could make to this world.
  • huge need at the moment
  • Now it seems likely that UK forces will be involved in Syria within the next few months, the Government has a moral obligation to take in many more of the 1000s who are being and will be displaced by the escalating conflict.


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